About Us

Life is full of principles.

Over the years, I’ve built multi-million-dollar revenue streams and sales pipelines for software companies, advised and mentored several startups, some did not even start. I have been part of numerous social organisations and am still involved with a couple today. I’ve worked with hundreds, if not thousands, of people and still keep in touch with a few. I’ve seen them grow into leaders in their own rights developing their own set of principles to guide their lives. I’ve been involved in different martial arts, holistic practices and sports that taught me many more principles to guide both my training and life. I currently practice parkour and OCR learning new principles along the way and remembering old ones. It is a constant search, a constant discovery.

All these experiences have taught me a view of life that I now express in short sentences that often end-up on a t-shirt, mug, sign or poster.

I firmly believe that life is a set of principles that we inherit, learn or experience to the point of integrating them into our being.

Two of the strongest principles I’ve learned is that the solutions to all of our issues already exist and to find them, we need to learn all and question all.

I created Sound Principles to change the world one idea at the time by evoking the quirky, inspirational and thought-provoking side of life. Sound Principles is life in words operating on the concept of serendipity as you never know when what you wear will change someone else’ world.

Wear what you think.

Sound Principles is all about your personal perspective.